Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hudson New York Wedding

Hey folks!

So last week I had the pleasure of designing and styling (as well as many other tasks) Hallie Cohen and Chris Devito's wedding at The Hill in Hudson, New York. This decor and styling job was on a MAJOR budget. It was going to take a DIY miracle to pull this one off. The first task I gave the couple and parents was to save jars and cans. Basically anything that was about to head to the recycling bin, I'd take. We needed vases for the tables and around the wedding. So we used tin cans, mason jars, pickle jars, salsa jars, jam jars, and other unidentifiable jars. I threw in a few vintage milk bottles I had collected and BOOM! we had vases!
 All the flowers came from a local flower farm ( and were delivered to my hotel room in bulk, where my assistant and I made all the arrangements until the wee hours of the morning the night before the event. We trashed that hotel room, seriously...

 I spent about two months collecting vintage plates and china from flea markets all around the Northeast in order to get the mix-match plate look the bride was really into. ANYTHING is better than those hideous cheap white plates from rental companies! But... now I have 150 vintage plates, so if anyone in the NYC area wants to rent them from me for your event, they're available!
While at Brimfield (the mother of all flea markets) I found a few vintage wooden crates, and nicknacks. But I scored in the runner department. I found the 30' rug runner for $50. It DID have some damage, so I spent a good couple of days hand sewing... that's right, hand sewing and repairing the rug. I'm nuts, I know. But the result was worth the effort. We achieved "high style at a low cost".
 I handmade everything: the name tags, seat numbers, doilie cones filled with dried lavander, reserved signs etc... And remember, we also made the jam, and designed the tags to go along with it.

I've very happy with the result. Minus the flowers, all the decor for this wedding cost well under $1000. I mean WELL UNDER...

I took all these photos on my iPad, so please don't judge :) Enjoy!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jam Session

Hello All!
 I had a great, but exhausting day yesterday. It's one week until my next wedding. It will be a lovely affair in Hudson Ny at a very old barn.
 So in preparation, the bride Hallie, her bridesmaid Eva, and my dear friend Rachel all came over to my house and we made her guest gifts. Homemade strawberry jam. We made 99 jars, so it was a long day.

It was fantastic. A group of ladies drinking Rose', chopping fruit, and chatting about girlie things.

Here are some photos of the day. What I don't have pictures of, is how we celebrated our 9 hour work.(I was hungry and tired). We filled a jar with our fresh jam, threw some bread on the grill, had a beautiful Robiola cheese and poured out the Prosecco.  It was a lovely way to celebrate together, toast the bride, and feed our hungry bellies with our delicious hard work.

                                                     Rose' and strawberries...YUM!!!

                                              Just a little bit of sugar... at least it's organic

                                                                     Keeping it local.
                                                  Doug didn't help at all. What a lazy bum.

                                                      Rachel getting her arm workout.