Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jam Session

Hello All!
 I had a great, but exhausting day yesterday. It's one week until my next wedding. It will be a lovely affair in Hudson Ny at a very old barn.
 So in preparation, the bride Hallie, her bridesmaid Eva, and my dear friend Rachel all came over to my house and we made her guest gifts. Homemade strawberry jam. We made 99 jars, so it was a long day.

It was fantastic. A group of ladies drinking Rose', chopping fruit, and chatting about girlie things.

Here are some photos of the day. What I don't have pictures of, is how we celebrated our 9 hour work.(I was hungry and tired). We filled a jar with our fresh jam, threw some bread on the grill, had a beautiful Robiola cheese and poured out the Prosecco.  It was a lovely way to celebrate together, toast the bride, and feed our hungry bellies with our delicious hard work.

                                                     Rose' and strawberries...YUM!!!

                                              Just a little bit of sugar... at least it's organic

                                                                     Keeping it local.
                                                  Doug didn't help at all. What a lazy bum.

                                                      Rachel getting her arm workout.



  1. This is amazing! What a gorgeous and personal favour! And yes, Doug is definitely a lazy bum!

  2. WOW ERIN! What hard work you and your team put in. The jam looks delicious!! Doug helped entertain the working crew.